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Yoga Detox Course | Revitalised Living

Monday 19th to Thursday 29th November | 2018 – R1,800 incl.

Ten days in a row of Yoga practice designed specifically to assist and support the body, mind and soul with detox.

This is appropriate for all levels, whether you have yoga experience or not.

ADD R900 to your course and enjoy a three day juice and soup detox from THE GREENERY.



  • You will receive a welcome email with details of the course and what to expect.
  • The opening talk goes through the basics of detox
  • A small welcome pack
  • Each day you will be introduced to a new Ayurveda Ritual that is designed to facilitate detoxing at various levels.
  • A detox booklet covering key aspects of detox, how to’s and additional tips and tricks
  • Plenty of healthy food recipes as well as delicious juicing recipes
  • Each day you receive an email which serves to motivate, educate and provide you with food for thought.
  • a BIG RUBBER BAND – you will find out why

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