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Intelligently crafted yoga retreats

To retreat often has a negative connotation in our Western world. Associated with battle, it means to give up, to surrender, to run away.

Faced with ambient advertising, noise and an ever increasing demand for our attention and focus we find ourselves stressed, burnt out, fatigued and disconnected from ourselves, our passions and our friends and family.

Retreating from the demands of every day life is a fantastic way to regenerate, re-focus and recover. Yoga is the perfect retreat partner and my retreats are designed to tap you right back into essence. By balancing your endocrine system, releasing trauma and tension from deep within the physical body and systematically untangling and rewiring the mind, emotions and state of being.

When we redirect our focus inwards, we collect, gather and process soul-nourishing information. By slowing down and practicing this deep listening we feed ourselves in the most important and meaningful way.

Join me won’t you?

Upcoming Retreats

Buddhist Retreat Centre

Friday 24th – Sunday 26 January 2020

Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R 200 surcharge

Join me for a yoga retreat where we explore and delve into our strength and vitality in order to deepen and develop peace and serenity in our minds. We will connect the two with the power of breath and mindful awareness.

Enjoy a progressive sequence of extended yoga classes, comprising dynamic vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yoga nidra, mantra and more. Working in sequence to unlock and expand, we will explore arm balances, hip openers, backbends and twists to challenge your body to release, and then restore vitality, riding the wave of your breath as a way to surrender into postures and ultimately cultivating calmness of mind. We will work in Krama (or stages) so the retreat is suitable for all levels of fitness, but be prepared to be challenged.

Please bring a mat, water bottle, blanket, two blocks and a strap. You may also want to bring warm, casual clothes, a tracksuit, waterproof jacket, a torch, walking shoes and umbrella.

All meals, teas and snacks (vegetarian)
Linen, blankets and towels.
5 Yoga workshops (Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, Sunday morning)

Personal items

Visit the Buddhist Retreat Centre Website for accommodation choices and to book or book by email with this button.