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Should you be going away on holiday or be off for an extended period or if classes are interrupted then your pass validity will be extended or put on hold for you. Just chat to me.

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Class Styles

Something for everyone

I teach three different styles of Yoga: Vinyasa flow (a dynamic yoga with a Hatha ancestory), Yin Yoga (restorative yoga) and Kundalini Yoga (with a Raja heritage).

Sometimes, I combine styles using my years of experience, testing, exploring and personal journeying into health and wellness to create classes that inspire, release, rejuvenate and challenge. Join me on the mat and beyond to delve into your health and well being and have fun doing it. Read more about the class styles on my CLASSES page.


Safety and Etiquette

Please read the safety and etiquette guidelines below.

These are designed to ensure that you can participate safely in classes and courses and that everyone is comfortable.

Please notify your trainer if you have a current or recent injury so that appropriate modifications can be given.

  • Leave your shoes, clothes and bags outside the room or in the designated shoe and bag area. We keep the yoga area as free of clutter as possible for clarity of mind and for safety during those times that we practice advanced poses such as handstands, backbends, arm balances and the like.
  • No shoes on the yoga mats at any time. No one wants to breathe in dirt.
  • Wear comfortable (unrestrictive) clothing that can move with your body and won’t constrict blood-flow or hinder you in any way.
  • Remove socks when you feel comfortably warm but as soon as possible so that you don’t slip and injure yourself. Pada bandha (foot lock) cannot be practiced in socks.
  • Saucha or cleanliness (personal hygiene and body care) is an essential niyama or self-discipline and a core concept in Yoga so ensure your clothes, socks, feet and hands are suitably clean especially if you share equipment. In this case sharing is not caring!
  • Arrive 5 minutes before class so that you can settle in and get ready.
  • If you enjoy using equipment then ensure you get that at the start of class (blanket, eye pillow, blocks, bricks, straps or bolsters). This means the class can flow better.
  • If early, either sit quietly in Lotus pose or lie on your back, soles of your feet together & palms up (In India, it is polite to face the soles of your feet away from the teacher toward the back)
  • If late, come in quietly, catch the teacher’s eye to see if you can join in or wait for warm up instructions. If too late it may not be safe for you to join. Please accept this as loving kindness and ensure you turn up on time for the next class for your safety and to avoid disrupting class and those who share class.
  • If people are in meditation at the start or end of the class, respect their space and whisper if absolutely necessary to talk
  • Don’t enter or leave class during opening or closing “Om’s”. This is a sacred mantra and it is disrespectful and disruptive to move around during this time.
  • During Savasana (final relaxation) It is considered respectful to turn your feet away from the teacher and others.


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