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Beautifully created yoga intensives for the advancing practitioner

Ever feel like you have just warmed up in class to find yourself in savasana and wanting more?
Ever feel like you need to slow things down, deconstruct and get to the details of a flow or asana (posture).

Have a thirst to know more and try more?

Well then workshops and intensives are just the thing.

Ranging from 2hours, half day or full day workshops join me as we relish, deepen and adventure through some of Yoga’s more technical aspects, theory, mantra, meditations, pranayama and more!

Whether you are an experienced student or new to yoga, workshops offer inspiration, insight and focus and can be the perfect way to deepen and expand your practice.

2019 Schedule In Progress

My upcoming workshop schedule for 2019 is busy being updated. Please send me a message so I can notify you of new workshops.

This Moment is Medicine

MARCH 2019 | Hilton, KZN, South Africa
9:30am – 1:30pm – Registration opens at 9am

Awaiting venue and date confirmation.

A 4hr restorative practice with Yin Yoga & the ancient Gong.

This workshop is for EVERY BODY – even if you are injured, recovering from an illness or just in need of some R & R. I will be guiding you through a gentle but incredibly deep practice that will restore you in body, mind, emotions, state and spirit.


important information about stress
some simple techniques to heal the body
to face the challenge of shedding yourself of yesterdays and tomorrows and treasure the present moment
important pranayama (breath) techniques
how to release the delicious sweetness inside you
how to safely open ourselves up to release deep rooted tension and trauma, embracing every lesson of every moment.

Please bring with you the following items. I have some equipment but if you are serious about your practice then these items are very useful and inexpensive to purchase.

2 blocks
a yoga strap (non – stretchy)
a mat
a blanket or two
a pillow
a bolster (optional)
a bottle of water (optional)
a towel (optional)
COST:ย R520 – includes tea
4 hours equivalent of one hour of massage, a physio, chiro or doctors appointment! That is a great investment in your well being!


Awaiting confirmation…

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